Chronic Pain – You Are Not Alone

A recent National Health Interview Survey determined that 50.2 million adults (20.5%) in the US reported pain on most days or every day, with the most common pain locations in the back, hip, knee or foot. Other, more persistent pain diagnoses include fibromyalgia, orofacial pain, complex regional pain syndrome, TMJ dysfunction, headaches and joint pain […]

How Physical Therapy Can Help with TMJ Pain

One of the most commonly used joints in the human body is the temporomandibular joint.  This is the hinge joint that helps us chew, talk, yawn, and much more. The TMJ is located on both sides of your face and consists of the mandible, which is the lower portion of your jaw, and the top […]

How Physical Therapy Can Help Persons with Chronic Pain

Are you suffering from chronic pain? If so, you might be considering physical therapy as part of your chronic pain treatments. PT effectively manages chronic pain and can help you reduce your reliance on medication. At Bethesda Physiocare, we provide personalized one-on-one physical therapy to help relieve your chronic pain and get you back to […]

Why Posture is Important for Musicians

To become a skilled musician or singer, hours upon hours of practice are necessary. But that practice can also end up hurting a musician or engrain bad habits that limit a singer’s range. The key to success in singing, playing an instrument, and even breathing is ensuring your body has the appropriate posture. If you […]

What is Pelvic Floor Tension Myalgia?

Those who are diagnosed with pelvic floor myalgia experience difficulty in controlling the muscles that lie on the pelvic floor. This condition can ultimately lead to many other issues with one’s physical health. It is ideal to have this condition treated to prevent further discomfort and address many modifiable symptoms of pain, sexual function, and […]

Food Addiction – Interesting Facts About Highly-Processed Food Jan Dommerholt, PT, DPT

Although physical therapists in Maryland legally cannot provide advice about nutrition and healthy eating – the Maryland PT Board has ruled that this is not in the scope of physical therapy – we would like to share a few interesting studies about eating highly-processed food (HPF). As physical therapists, we are concerned about the health […]

Types and Treatment of Chronic Pain

At Bethesda Physiocare, our physical therapists are well-trained in the management of complex chronic pain conditions.  Treating chronic pain requires a thorough understanding of the biological, psychological, and sociological factors that can influence one’s symptoms.  Ultimately these biopsychosocial factors can manifest as three types of pain, known as nociceptive pain, neuropathic pain, and nociplastic pain.   […]

The 0 mph Injury

Working at a desk, playing video games, and spending time on smartphones and tablets all impact our posture.  Sitting in one position may not seem unsafe initially, but one can think of it as a 0 mph injury. We start off in a good natural posture, but as we get more immersed in our work, […]

October is Dysautonomia Awareness Month

Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment for Dysautonomia Dysautonomia refers to a group of medical conditions caused by problems of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). The ANS regulates involuntary bodily functions such as heart rate, breathing, and digestion. People living with dysautonomia may have trouble regulating these systems. They may experience lightheadedness, fainting, blood pressure fluctuations, abnormal […]

Posture: How Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact 

Posture. Just seeing or hearing the word can make a person sit up straighter. Perhaps this is from all the years of nagging/gentle scolding to not slouch at the dinner table. Either way, the word posture tends to have a reaction.  But what is posture? The physical therapy literature says, “perfect posture is demonstrated by […]