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Myofascial pain is one of the most ignored causes of persistent pain. Many fellow patients like you report that previous healthcare providers rarely include the detailed and specific muscle examination that Bethesda Physiocare® supplies.

Don’t let your pain be overlooked. Our dry needling experts can help you learn what is causing your myofascial pain so you can be an expert in your own health and treatment.

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Myofascial Trigger Points & Dry Needling

The best way to help diagnose and treat our patients’ pain is by finding the hallmark feature of myofascial pain syndrome. Referred to as a “trigger point,” it can contribute to prolonged pain and dysfunction if not detected by medical professionals familiar with commonly referred pain patterns. 

That is why our clinic in Bethesda consists of highly skilled specialists in treating myofascial pain syndrome. We are able to recognize and prescribe effective dry needling treatment, and by working with the leading global researchers and clinicians in persistent pain management, we can deliver effective and long-lasting relief for our patients.

Dry needling is one of the most successful treatment options to inactivate myofascial trigger points and can assist with many common ailments, such as:

Occipital neuralgia

Migraine headaches

Tension-type headaches

Elbow pain

Hip pain

Knee pain

Shoulder pain

Wrist pain

Work-related injury

Scar tissue

Fascial Adhesions

Meet Our Experts

All of our physical therapists are certified in dry needling, including Dr. Jan Dommerholt, the first physical therapist in the United States to teach trigger point dry needling courses to eligible health care providers. He has inspired countless other dry needling programs worldwide, an expertise that continues to advance and grow today, having published many articles and studies about dry needling.

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Every member at our physical therapy clinic in Bethesda focuses on providing easy and effective dry needling results for every patient that walks through our doors. With rave reviews from our patients satisfied with their final treatment, you can live with reduced or no chronic pain after working with our experts.

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