Understanding Men’s Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy

Men’s health physical therapy (PT) focuses on addressing the specific needs and conditions that affect men’s well-being and functionality. Men may encounter various health issues and conditions throughout their lives that require physical therapy intervention. At Bethesda Physiocare, we know the important role physical therapy plays in men’s health. Contact us online or call (301) […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Sports Injury Physical Therapy: Understanding the Basics

If you have or are suffering from a sports-related injury, it is important to know your treatment options and how sports injury physical therapy can help.  At Bethesda Physiocare, we take the time to address our patients’ needs. Through decades of education and one on one time with our clients, we have helped local and […]

Posture: How Small Changes Can Have a Big Impact 

Posture. Just seeing or hearing the word can make a person sit up straighter. Perhaps this is from all the years of nagging/gentle scolding to not slouch at the dinner table. Either way, the word posture tends to have a reaction.  But what is posture? The physical therapy literature says, “perfect posture is demonstrated by […]

Treatment of Hard Flaccid Syndrome: A Physical Therapist’s Perspective

The emergence of Hard Flaccid Syndrome (HFS) as a clinical diagnosis is still relatively new to many medical professionals. However, as a Men’s Pelvic Health physical therapist, this is something I have seen in the clinic for years. The vast majority of patients are left frustrated and concerned when they are unable to get a […]

Physical Therapy vs. Surgery

Most patients coming to Bethesda Physiocare suffer from musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. Many have consulted previously with medical specialists, such as orthopedic surgeons or neurosurgeons, and often, they were told that they would need surgery to reduce pain and restore function. While in some cases, surgery may indeed be the best possibility, there are several […]

A Brief Exploration Into the Evolution & Function of Dry Needling for Muscle Pain 

In the past few decades, the field of physical therapy has made incredible strides in helping people improve pain, overcome injury, and enhance mobility. The field has evolved through extensive research, technology, and a deeper understanding of human movement. As the profession grows, new and exciting modalities have come into focus to help patients regain […]

Are You In Touch With Your Pelvic Floor?

According to a recent article in the Guardian, Ms. Coco Berlin, who refers to herself as “Germany’s most famous belly dancer,” wondered why Egyptian belly dancers were so much better than dancers in Germany.  After traveling to Egypt to get to the bottom of this, she concluded that one of the main differences was that […]

Physical Therapy for Prevention and Performance Enhancement for Athletes 

When engaged in regular sports activity and exercise regimens, it is not uncommon to overtrain, overwork, and ultimately strain muscles, joints, or tendons. As muscles are compromised, athletes tend to overcompensate or push too far to the point of injury.  For young athletes—such as high school football players or wrestlers—the focus is often on diligent […]