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As the nation (and the globe) continues to stay indoors in order to flatten the curve, it’s easy to slip into an unhealthy lifestyle. Endless takeout meals, spending the day in bed, partaking in drinks to cure boredom; simply put, it can be tough to stay healthy. But letting your health deteriorate may have more consequences besides putting on a couple of pounds. 

Some recent studies indicate that poor health may increase the likelihood of COVID-19 complications, so letting your health diminish could put you in more danger. You may think you don’t have many options when it comes to staying healthy, but that’s not true.

In our latest blog, we offer some of our favorite tips for staying healthy while you help flatten the curve! 

1) Find Ways To Get Moving 

Although your normal routine may be disrupted, it’s no excuse to not get moving. Staying active can help you maintain muscle and keep vital functions working in order. Since you’re likely expending less energy per day, it’s important to get some exercise regularly. 

There are many options when it comes to staying active. YouTube is an excellent resource for all kinds of workout routines, especially at-home activities that require little to no weights or extra equipment. Light cardio—including walks, jogs, or bicycling—can be a great way to get some exercise. In one of our previous blogs, we noted how poor posture often comes from staying in one pose for extended periods, so take this opportunity to get moving! 

2) Stay Focused On Healthy Eating 

Another huge focus of healthy social distancing is a good diet. It’s incredibly easy to devolve into bad eating habits when stuck at home all day. With restaurants offering no-contact delivery and people fearing the grocery store, more and more people are deciding to eat unhealthily. To top it all off, studies show that people are drinking more alcohol than usual, which only adds to the problem. 

The issue with worse diets and alcohol is that they can negatively affect the immune system. While social distancing can reduce your chances of encountering the coronavirus, it’s still important for your health to be intact in the event you do encounter it. Without maintaining your health, you may be more likely to have complications from the virus. 

Struggling to keep your diet healthy? Try spicing up your routine with some new recipes. New recipes are a great way to break up the monotony of your routine, experience new flavors, and stave off the allure of greasy fast food. 

3) Get Some Sunshine Regularly 

Social distancing does not mean you have to stay indoors. It’s perfectly safe to get some sunlight on your face as long as you keep your distance from other people. In fact, sunlight in the right doses can actually give your immune system a boost. 

The most ubiquitous way that sunlight helps your body is by aiding in Vitamin D production, a nutrient necessary for your bones, blood, and immune system. If you don’t get enough Vitamin D from food, sunlight is a great way to supplement it. 

Other less-known benefits of a little sunlight include better emotional well-being, weight loss, better sleep, and other health benefits. You can pair your sunlight exposure with a brief walk or jog to provide even more benefits. To stay safe, be sure to keep your time outside short and apply sunscreen before you leave the house. 

4) Keep Your Home Clean

You’ve probably been keeping your hands and body pretty clean since the pandemic began, but you should also pay close attention to your own home. As we shop, visit friends and family, or go to other places, we touch all kinds of surfaces. Those surfaces can harbor viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19. It may not be enough to stay clean while you go out; keeping your home clean is also an important step. 

Cleaning the home doesn’t have to be complicated, either. You’ll simply want to disinfect surfaces that you touch often, like doorknobs, keyboards, and kitchen counters. This simple routine can keep your most-touched surfaces clean and keep your loved ones safe. 

5) Keep Up To Date On The Latest News 

In addition to staying on top of your health, it’s also important to stay on top of the latest news. It’s no secret that the media landscape is awash with story after story, many of which can be quite depressing. But new developments are constantly coming to light about the novel coronavirus, so it’s important to remain vigilant for the newest info. 

While keeping up-to-date, ensure that your sources are credible. Try to get your news from trusted news stations or health organizations like the WHO and CDC. 

6) Trust Bethesda Physiocare For Your Physical Therapy

Even with attention to diet and exercise, physical issues can crop up. If you or someone you know is in need of world-class physical therapy, Bethesda Physiocare is open and ready to help! Simply contact us today to set up an appointment and get started.