A close-up of an individual who is experiencing significant lower back pain.If you’ve suffered from lower back pain, then you’re part of over 500 million people around the world are have been affected by back pain at any one time. The lower back influences so many body movements that we don’t realize it until it becomes painful to even do simple tasks. While the lower back is extremely resilient, it can only take on so much damage until it becomes injured. 

Many individuals suffer from chronic lower back pain that leaves them unable to perform everyday tasks. Understanding the reasons for lower back pain help shed some necessary light on managing lower back pain. We’ve compiled four common reasons why you may be experiencing lower back pain, as well as the suggested treatment methods we provide at Bethesda Physiocare

Muscle Strain 

Muscle strain is often seen as the most common reason individuals experience lower back pain. Strains occur when the muscles have been overloaded, resulting in potential damage. Overstraining the lower back can be caused by some of the most simple and unassuming tasks if there is already pre-existing damage. Strains can be exacerbated by lifting too heavy of weight without proper stabilization or sudden stress on the lower back. Interestingly, you do not need to have actual tissue damage to experience low back pain.


Age-related changes in the spine are perfectly normal as we move through the course of life. The lower back takes on a lot of the wear and tear our bodies experience, which can develop arthritis. The cartilage that sits between the joints in our lower back can start to thin over time resulting in inflammation of the joints, which in some cases, can cause back pain. The good news is that most age-related changes do not cause pain.

Back Injuries

Injuries, old or new, can make chronic lower back pain management a real challenge. Unfortunately, no one is excluded from the susceptibility of back injuries. A back injury can result from a sudden, traumatic accident or simply bending over wrong and tweaking the lower back. 

Herniated Discs

Herniated discs are more likely to appear in the lower back than anywhere else. A herniated disc results from a disc spilling out of place and pressing into the spinal canal. Herniated discs can happen from repeated wear and tear or traumatic injuries to the lower back. Most herniated discs do not require surgery; chronic pain management is best achieved through extensive physical therapy. 

Treatment Methods

Finding Physical Therapy in Bethesda 

Bethesda Physiocare is your local Bethesda physical therapist clinic ready to help you get back on your feet. Kick lower back pain to the curb when you partner with our team to find the right solutions for your pain. 

We’ve helped countless people with our proven physical therapy programs get back to loving life without pain holding them back anymore. Managing lower back pain is difficult on your own; contact the Bethesda team today to get on the right track to a pain-free life.