What To Expect During Your First Manual Therapy Session 

When you suffer an injury or experience pain, your physical therapist sprints into action. Their job is to take the context of your injury, medical conditions, medical history, etc., assess the state of your muscles, joints, nerves, and other tissues, and work towards improving movement and mobility.  Physical therapists have several tools at their disposal, […]

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation After Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Our joints assist in movement. When a joint is compromised, movement is compromised. And when movement is compromised, so is health and quality of life. The joints that suffer the most injuries are the knees, shoulders, and hip joints. In recent decades, improvements in medicine, technology, and surgical procedures have improved outcomes for knee surgery […]

Physical Therapy Treatment and Exercises for Multidirectional Shoulder Instability 

The shoulder joint is super mobile, incredibly versatile, and allows for a wide range of motion. This little ball and socket joint allows for a fastball, an overhead throw, a chin-up, an uppercut, a butterfly stroke, behind the neck press, handstands, and multiple other movements performed by people every day.  From performing extension, flexion, abduction, […]

Employing Physical Therapy and Manual Therapy for Scar Tissue Management and Long-Term Healing

People might often consider physical therapy a mere reactive treatment recommended after physical injury or trauma. People associate PT with things like knee surgery, broken arms, or joint issues. The scope of physical therapy, however, goes far beyond that. Various physical therapy interventions have proven effective to manage other conditions such as scar tissue management.  […]

Physical Therapy for Prevention and Performance Enhancement for Athletes 

When engaged in regular sports activity and exercise regimens, it is not uncommon to overtrain, overwork, and ultimately strain muscles, joints, or tendons. As muscles are compromised, athletes tend to overcompensate or push too far to the point of injury.  For young athletes—such as high school football players or wrestlers—the focus is often on diligent […]

Exploring the Use of Virtual Reality in Physical Therapy Treatments

From its use in training soldiers for battle, athletes for optimal performance, students in medical training, or working with conditions like PTSD, virtual reality has also made its way into the world of physical therapy and neurology. At Bethesda Physiocare, we have also used Virtual Reality treatments as a useful component of treatment in patients […]

A Look at Physical Therapy as a Treatment for Chronic Pain 

Every year, physical therapy plays a vital role in remedying chronic pain for millions of Americans. Chronic pain, as reported by medical professionals and the CDC, is the most common reason that adults seek medical care. Some estimates go as high as 100 million Americans who suffer from some type of chronic pain. That is […]

Exercising Through Injury: The Dos and Don’ts of Recovery

If you regularly exercise or are active through other means, then you may end up with some sort of related injury at some point. There are myriad ways to incur an injury, but most of us will experience an injury at some point in our lives. This in itself is normal, but there is a […]