A physical therapist helping a patient lift an orange weight in Bethesda.

Are you beginning to feel disappointed or even frustrated with your physical therapist? Are you not getting the results, or the care, that you were expecting? Then it might be time to switch therapists to someone who can help you with your chronic pain management

Bethesda Physiocare, located in Bethesda, is the area’s leading physical therapy clinic. We provide various services for chronic pain management and can make sure you’re properly taken care of. If you’re interested in hearing what we can offer, give our clinic a call at (301) 656-5613 or contact us online today.

Signs It’s Time to Move On

When you go to physical therapy, you expect to be cared for by a compassionate professional who will assist you with your personalized goals. When you don’t get the treatment you deserve, it can be frustrating and in some cases delay progress.  Research has shown that therapeutic alliance between a patient and their Bethesda physical therapist is the most important variable for predicting positive outcomes.  Therefore, it is important for patients to have a strong rapport with their treating therapist.  Signs of a poor therapeutic alliance may include any of the following:







A Therapy Clinic That Works With You

Bethesda Physiocare, located in Bethesda, MD, offers a wide range of services, including chronic pain management, dry needling, fascial therapy, and therapeutics, amongst many more. To schedule an appointment with one of our compassionate and goal-driven therapists, give us a call or contact us online today.