A person suffering from COVID holding their head in pain in Bethesda.

For several years now, experts have been examining the long-term effects of Covid. While some of the effects are still unknown, there’s no doubt that some people have lingering effects of Covid long after the disease is gone. This phenomenon, known as long Covid, affects everyone differently. Some people will have a few annoying symptoms, while others might have permanent damage that’s detrimental to their overall health. 

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What is a Covid Long Hauler 

Covid long hauler is a name given to people who struggle with the lingering effects of Covid, known as long Covid. Long haulers can have a wide range of symptoms because Covid affects many different parts of the body and hits everyone differently. While many of the post-Covid symptoms may be tough to understand or deal with, it’s important to seek professional medical assistance if you’re a long hauler. 

Unfortunately, post-Covid is an all-too-common condition. Studies are showing that between 20 and 25% of people who get Covid will become long haulers. Therefore, it’s vital to be vigilant and on the lookout for post-Covid symptoms. Contact us to learn more about what it means to be a Covid long hauler and how it affects those diagnosed with POTS. 

What are the Long-Term Effects of Covid? 

In terms of how it affects different people, long Covid is one of the most complicated diseases we know of. Symptoms can affect many different systems and parts of the body, including the respiratory, digestive, and neurological systems. Here are some potential long-term effects of Covid experienced by long haulers. 



In many cases, these lingering symptoms can then lead to struggles with depression or anxiety. These struggles are due in part because you’re not sure what’s happening to your body and in part to how they make you feel. While long-Covid symptoms are more common among the elderly and people with compromised immune systems, anyone can become a long hauler. 

Treatment Options for Covid Long-Haulers 

Because of how detrimental long Covid can be, seeking medical treatment to help with the condition is important. Here are some of the most popular and effective treatment options for Covid long haulers. 

Breathing Exercises 

One of the main systems affected by long Covid is the respiratory system. Covid tends to target the lungs, heart, and other vital organs for breathing. This is especially dangerous if you have been diagnosed with POTS. Therefore, it’s important to strengthen these muscles, especially the lungs, to increase your breathing capacity.  At Bethesda Physiocare, we work with patients to improve their cardiovascular function through fun and engaging exercise, including virtual reality and externally focused exergaming. 


Depending on how long Covid is affecting you, you might need over-the-counter or prescription medications to help treat certain symptoms. 

Physical Therapy 

While medications and breathing exercises are a good start, they’re limited in what they can do. For that reason, physical therapy is one of the best long-term treatment options for Covid long haulers. Physical therapy can help relieve symptoms of pain, muscular problems, breathing problems, and more. Additional services such as cold laser therapy and dry needling have also been shown to be effective. 

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