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At Bethesda Physiocare®, you can receive faster relief from any pain that might be bothering you. Our physical therapy team will help you see results faster than other clinics. That way, we can not only find out what kind of pain you have but receive chronic pain treatments and techniques that will finally cut down your discomfort and improve your quality of life.

Pain Relief Services at Bethesda Physiocare®

Bethesda Physiocare® offers a range of services, including:

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What Our Clients Have to Say

We receive hundreds of clients each year who find fast and effective results after working with our physical therapists. But don’t just believe our words; here’s what our clients have to say:

What Our Mission is About

Over the years of working in the physical therapy industry, we understand that pain comes in all shapes and sizes that clinicians do not always understand. Listening to patients who just want the treatment they need to feel comfortable again, we have made it our daily goal to find and solve the source of your pain no matter what.

We can make daily life easier by sharing extensive knowledge in chronic pain management and techniques for you to try at home. From our hypermobility program to exploring the benefits of dry needling, clients and clinicians have praised our highly-reviewed physical therapy clinic in Bethesda, MD, for providing fast and lasting pain relief.

Much of our success comes from building a team of expert clinicians who utilize their years of experience to provide the best treatment for you. Each of our sessions is one-on-one, so we can best understand what is causing your chronic pain and how to resolve it quickly and efficiently with our personalized treatment options. That way, you get the chronic pain treatment you’ve been looking for made especially for you and at an affordable cost.

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